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CEO message

Rejoice in change and taking new challenges, in pursuit of our vision

At the heart of our business at SATO is tagging — attaching ‘things’ with data and feeding it into systems to put it to good use. We dive deep into the operations of our customers in retail, manufacturing, food, logistics and health care sectors to understand their pain points to deliver solutions for them and society as a whole.
Tagging technologies of today like RFID handle more data and involve greater complexity compared to price tags and barcodes which emerged in the 1960s to the 1980s.

While we have always prided ourselves on our strengths in tagging, we can still do better, especially in the post-pandemic world. With technological advances, business is changing at an unprecedented speed. It’s precisely in such an environment that we must use the expertise and experience we have accumulated to further hone our technologies and enable ever more sophisticated tagging methods. Higher quality data can then be used in even more systems to provide more transformative benefits.

We must rejoice in change, with our Group coming together to take challenges in new arenas, in line with our motto of Ceaseless Creativity.
To achieve our vision of being “the customer’s most trusted partner for mutual growth, and always essential in an ever-changing world,” we will build on more than 80 years of history to take our business to the next level and keep forging ahead toward our 100th anniversary in 2040.
Thank you for your continued support.

Hiroyuki Konuma

Hiroyuki Konuma
President and Group CEO
SATO Holdings Corporation


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