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Giving everything its own ID for a better world — starting where you are Giving everything its own ID for a better world — starting where you are

The SATO Group has developed a number of world-changing innovations since our founding in 1940. Notable examples include the hand labeler during the retail boom of the 1960s, and the thermal transfer barcode printer as computerized point-of-sale systems swept the world in the 1980s. With experience in barcodes, we now offer automatic identification solutions that help visualize data of things and people in motion to improve productivity in a variety of operations in over 90 countries and regions around the world.

Our founder Yo Sato sought creative answers to “make things easier” for his immediate customers facing difficult challenges, and it was this passion to serve the world with Ceaseless Creativity that led to revolutionary, hit products. And it continues to be passed down to this day as our company’s DNA, even though our core business has changed.

Today, we face unprecedented changes caused by the pandemic. As perspectives change and we search for new ways to work and live, I have asked myself what SATO’s mission is. The answer lies in our founding ideals.

There’s no limit to what we can do to digitize everything at worksites. We track the location of things and movement of people for productivity gains. We bring full traceability so you can provide safe foods and medicines. We help industries manage their supply chains, to forecast demand more accurately and reduce waste. Our thorough understanding of retail, manufacturing, food, logistics and health care worksites and our solutions solve challenges of each industry and, ultimately, of society.

What does SATO do? We give every ‘thing’ its own ID so it connects with the world. That’s how we grow while contributing to a more sustainable world. In this age of digital transformation where the value of auto-ID solutions and on-site data continues to rise, we hope to pave a new path forward with you, and to serve the world as a valuable part of its future. Thank you for your continued support.

Ryutaro Kotaki

Ryutaro Kotaki
President and CEO
SATO Holdings Corporation


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