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Partnering with SATO

Why partner with SATO?

Businesses need to visualize on-site operations to truly be "digital first."
Let's co-create solutions for their digital transformation.

We're on a mission to push boundaries and forge new paths, where innovation knows no limits. Imagine a world where solutions transcend expectations, paving the way for game-changing experiences. That's what we're all about at SATO – an open invitation to collaborate and unlock uncharted territories.

When you partner with us, you're not just joining forces; you're embarking on a journey of endless possibilities. We're seekers of the extraordinary, relentlessly pursuing new business fields that redefine the norm. Our open innovation stance is a rallying cry for strategic partners who share our passion for disruption and possess complementary expertise in areas like AIDC, IoT, robotics, sensors, AI, computer vision and beyond. Together, we'll create auto-identification solutions that don't just meet but surpass expectations.

One-stop solutions powered by SATO

Components: Readers, printers & media and software

The SATO strategic alliance cycle

The aims of our partner ecosystem continuum are threefold:

Powering businesses

  • Bridge global commercial & social gaps to improve quality of life
  • Scale an international tapestry of complementary products & services

Powering solutions

  • Deliver disruptive/high-performance value-added solutions
  • Leverage a combined pool of diverse expertise and technologies

Powering innovation

  • Co-develop new value propositions through strategic collaboration
  • Complement each other's strengths to unlock new possibilities

Why technology partners and value-added resellers choose SATO

For our technology partners and value-added resellers, the allure of SATO lies in our unwavering commitment to quality and real-world insights.
We're not just peddling products; we're offering a gateway to on-site use cases, technical training, and deployment support that elevates your offerings to new heights.

And for ISVs and other solution providers, we're a portal to unlocking answers to critical pain points in the supply chain – from circular resource management and omnichannel e-commerce enablement, to brand anti-counterfeiting and vein-to-vein blood traceability.

You tap into our extensive customer network and deep understanding of supply chain applications, while we leverage your development prowess. It's a symbiotic exchange where our "hands-on" approach, industry know-how and global reach converge with your software development and technical expertise, igniting a fusion of mutual success.

Our fields of interest

Technology sectors Material handling software integration
Robotics (industrial, service and autonomous)
Sensors (location, temperature, light, humidity, pressure and motion, etc.)
Image and vision recognition
Data analytics
Printed electronics
Machine learning and AI
Market sectors Health care (hospitals, medical devices and supplies, pharma)
Food (manufacturing, HoReCa)
Manufacturing (electronics, electrical, automotive, chemicals, metal fabrication)
Transport & logistics

A selection of our partners1

1.Partners we have made joint communications with as of the previous FY

By the numbers

Employee numbers as of March 31, 2024, sales for fiscal year ended March 2024 (FY2023)

So, why partner with SATO? Because together, we're more than just partners – we're co-creators of the extraordinary, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and leaving an indelible mark on the world. Let's join forces and embark on a journey where innovation knows no limits, and success is the only destination.

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