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SATO Group social media guidelines


Our employees are our greatest brand ambassadors and we welcome the opportunity to improve our social media strategy and build our presence together with all of you. Social media is everywhere and services like twitter, facebook and more serve as important communication channels for organizations to reach stakeholders and build buzz around products, services and corporate topics. Their influence is still growing.

Use of social media may also present certain risks and carries with it certain responsibilities. While these tools offer real-time delivery of information, they open the door for risks including inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information or backlash from stakeholders which can snowball into damage to the brand. These guidelines have been compiled to summarize our basic policy and prevent issues before they occur.


Any online platforms with user generated content such as blogs, social networking services, message boards, discussion forums, Q&A sites etc. are defined as “social media.” These guidelines apply to official SATO accounts created by subsidiaries of SATO Holdings for promotional use. They do not apply to private accounts of SATO Group employees.

Our stance

1. You are a member of the SATO Group

You cannot control who views your posts. When posting with official accounts, always do so in the knowledge that you are a member of the SATO Group. Craft all posts in accordance with SATO Values with attention to professionalism, respect for all individuals, and customer-centricity, and from the standpoint of a humble and sincere partner. Be aware that your posts have a great effect on how external stakeholders view our brand and act accordingly.

2. Legal compliance

Always be aware that the content of our posts is subject to local laws and regulations. Do not post any content discriminatory against a race, sex, disability, religion, creed or any other status protected by local law, regulation or company policy. Also do not post anything containing profanity or obscenity or could be construed as such. Take care not to infringe upon copyright or other interests of third parties including privacy or intellectual property.

Example of privacy infringement:
  • GPS-enabled cameras and smart devices geo-tag image data, making it possible to extract the location the photo was taken
Examples of copyright infringement:
  • Posting copy of media coverage without consent
  • Using copyrighted logo or character without permission
  • Posting photos of third parties without their permission (includes third parties who appear in photos by chance)

No inflammatory statements; Also, take care to comply with local laws and regulations.

3. Sensitive business information

Do not disseminate proprietary information, performance data or other confidential information including details about products or solutions. Do not divulge any information that may be sensitive for SATO, partners or customers.

Avoid any posts that could result in leaks of sensitive information.

4. False information

Many social media users do not scrutinize the content of their posts, which spreads misinformation and opens themselves up to backlash from other users. As a corporate entity and a company that strives to be the leader and most trusted company in the auto-ID solutions industry worldwide, we must ensure that the information we post is always factual. This is especially important as we seek to establish a trustworthy brand identity worldwide.

Before posting, check whether the contents are factual. If unsure, do not post.

Review of these guidelines

The Risk Management Committee will review these guidelines as internal circumstances change to account for the emergence of new technologies and social platforms, regulatory changes and changes in the social climate.

How inappropriate posts will be handled

If posts are found that are inappropriate under these guidelines, the Risk Management Committee will take the necessary follow-up actions.

For registration of new official SATO accounts

The SATO Holdings Public Relations team tracks and monitors official social accounts throughout the SATO Group. Keeping tabs on official accounts helps us discover fake or unofficial SATO accounts. All GMCs and departments within the SATO Group are kindly requested to contact the PR team to notify when they set up a new account.

SATO social media accounts (as of January 2024)


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