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What sets us apart

We derive the best solution
for each unique site

SATO's tagging solutions start where you are, on the front lines of your business operations.

We go to see — and understand — your site of operations.
That's because everything subject to tagging, and every answer to your nagging issues,
is right there, waiting for the expert who can come find it to tailor into a solution.
This work on site is what's laborious and time-consuming. That's why nobody does it.
But that's why our solutions are like no other.

What Powered On Site means for you:

More on what we do

We eye the future and sustainable growth of your business

SATO's solutions provide answers to your immediate and future issues, keeping your business sustainable in terms of productivity, safety and stock loss control.


Design the most efficient worker route or staffing allocation. Boost accuracy in production control. We help you grow your business with productivity gains and labor savings.


Safety and security

Minimize human errors in medical service for greater safety and reassurance.


Stock loss control

Streamline procedures at every stage of the supply chain to optimize inventory and reduce loss.


A reliable partnerTagging experience in over 90 countries and regions

Since our founding in 1940, we have expanded our business around the world, delivering services optimized seamlessly to each unique worksite and solving customer pain points.

Business presence in
90+ countries / regions
Offices in
26 countries / regions

Global network

Partners and peopleGlobal network of partners
Big data of employee insights with 2,000 new ideas daily


We tag and collect data; our partners make use of it. It's these complementary and synergic partnerships that heighten the value of our solutions to be delivered one-stop.


Teiho reports

Ideas and reports from employees worldwide are submitted to top management and serve as big data. In use since 1976, the system captures 2,000 new insights from the frontline daily. The knowledge hones our ability to propose new solutions with insight into customer operations.


Global talent powered on site
always seeking to exceed expectations

At SATO we aim to exceed customer expectations, not just answer immediate needs. We have a hunger for answers to meet your core issues and to maximize the value we provide you.

SATO Powerd On SIte


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