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Our business

SATO is an auto-ID solutions company that tags ID to anything and everything to help businesses run smoothly

Price tags that give shoppers a revolutionary way to find and try out clothes; labels that can track a medicine pill from its production to dosing; a warehousing system that visualizes movement of every item and worker — our auto-ID solutions create new experiences, deliver safety and reassurance, and help solve societal challenges. We continuously seek ways to make the world run better, working from each and every worksite up.

Solutions by industry


Labeling markdowns in stores

Before/after markdown labels and tags in multiple colors, to show savings clearly and encourage consumers to buy

Prevent loss of sales opportunities

Inventory control using RFID, to prevent missed opportunities while providing real-time visibility of product availability throughout the supply chain from factory and warehouse to stores

Volume printing of markdowns

Temporary shelf edge labels, for retailers to print at their own distribution centers or right in their stores, and eliminate the need to manually cut and sort individual labels


Safe handling of hazardous chemicals

GHS label printing solution for reliable and hassle-free regulatory compliance

Reducing loss in the factory

On-demand mobile printing and scanning of parts and components, for first-in first-out management and to check by expiry date/lot number to prevent loss

Saving time and labor in lot tracking processes

Automated kanban label printing to ensure the right automotive parts are used in right production process and eliminate manual processes that are prone to human error for enhanced accuracy and assurance


Food safety for consumers

Food rotation and expiry date labeling solution, for accurate labeling of expiry dates and allergen information

Prevent food tampering

Tamper-evident labeling solutions for food delivery services

Cater to savvy shoppers

On-demand, customizable label designs, to capture the digital consumers' eye effectively

Transport & logistics

Greater productivity in picking processes

A hands-free, voice inventory management solution, to eliminate the need for manual input and enhance accuracy and efficiency in picking, receiving and shipping operations

Knowing the whereabouts of warehouse assets and employees

Location tracking with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to collect data about tagged goods, transmitting precise information back to the server for real-time visibility

Managing product returns for reverse logistics

Efficient processing of customer returns of unused goods, automatically recording product condition upon receipt for effective decision making on restocks, refurbishment or disposal

Health care

Stock control for consigned medical devices in hospitals

Automation of time-consuming stock control, for device suppliers to deliver accuracy, efficiency and quality service to their customers

Less stress for health care workers

Positive patient identification using wristbands, to ensure patients receive precise, accurate care and stay undistracted when reading data, all the while keeping health care workers under less stress

Protection against counterfeit drugs in the supply chain

GS1 compliant barcode solutions for efficient pharmaceutical management and traceability for supply chain peace of mind

What are “auto-ID solutions”?

Automatic identification is the collective term to describe barcodes, RFID and image recognition technologies used to identify things and track their information. Auto-ID solutions support businesses in the form of traceability, asset management, and even supply chain management through the act of tagging items with identifiers.
In the IoT era, where the volume of data from each worksite is growing at an explosive rate, auto-ID is essential infrastructure, and auto-ID solutions offer value that only heightens with time.

Tagging: Making the most of data

How well an auto-ID solution works depends on tagging quality. What does that mean?
Everything in the supply chain needs to be “tagged” with information that defines it, so that it can be identified at every stage of the chain. When data is fed into IT systems to serve as big data, and that data is made use of, businesses can make better decisions. How data is tagged, and how much can be made of it, makes the entire difference in the value auto-ID solutions provide to businesses and society at large.
And SATO specializes in tagging.


Tag anything with data so that it can be identified at any stage of the supply chain


Feed the data into IT systems to serve as big data

Make use

Make use of big data for businesses to optimize operations and make better decisions

We derive the best solution for each unique site

SATO goes to see — and understand — your site of operations.

We are versed in an array of worksites Industry expertise

We can develop solutions for any stage of the supply chain in a given industry.

We match products best for you Technical expertise

We collaborate with third parties to deliver the ideal mix of technologies to exceed your expectations.

We keep it running Servicing

Is it running stably? Is it easy as it should be? We constantly look for ways to improve your operations.

Products and services


Our product line is designed for a wide range of operational scenarios. With technology accumulated over nearly four decades, we aim for a universal design to enable consistent performance everywhere.


We can meet an extensive range of tagging needs for a variety of subjects, purposes and environments with customized specifications (material, adhesive, processing method), optimal technologies and print data that maximize on-site productivity. With demand growing for RFID, we now perform inlay design, tag/label conversion and quality inspection, all in house.


SATO provides a comprehensive range of software solutions to support and deploy hardware, helping customers centralize printing and management of label/tag data. We also develop application software and enable integration with ERP, WMS and MDM systems.
Our “Intelligence Inside the Printer” platform allows SATO printers to be used as a standalone printing solution eliminating the need for extra computers.

Solution services

Our solutions come from a deep understanding of and insight into the customer’s on-site operations. Data on everything and every movement involved optimizes operations, and precision of these data helps customers innovate their businesses and achieve sustainable growth.


Customers who have installed our products and solutions benefit from our global servicing network comprising in-house tech service teams and our valued partners that provide troubleshooting assistance to improve your operations and keep your business running. We continue to innovate our technical support with our IoT preventative maintenance system that monitors printer operations 24/7 via the cloud and through integration with industry leading IoT management systems like SOTI Connect.

Primary labels

We create the product labels used on a variety of consumer goods, offering complete support on everything from design, material selection, printing/finishing methods to how to apply it onto products. Our plants have the know-how to provide attractive and durable pressure sensitive labels to differentiate food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, home care items, chemicals and other products at the point of sale.

Hand labelers

The time-proven means of applying price tags and expiry date/lot number labels to products. A global standard since founder Yo Sato invented it in 1962 and introduced it around the world.


SATO develops its own products and services, but our offerings alone may not shape the best solution for your needs. In those cases we leverage partnerships to deliver the right mix of technologies to exceed your expectations. Click here for more about partnering with SATO.


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