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FAQs regarding investor relations

About the SATO Group

QWhen was SATO incorporated?

ASATO was incorporated on May 16, 1951.

QWhat are SATO’s management principles?

ASee our management policy for our CEO message, corporate philosophy and values, and medium-term management plan.

QWhat is SATO’s stance on corporate governance?

AWe aim to realize sustainable growth and higher corporate value on a medium- to long-term basis under our vision of becoming “the customer’s most trusted partner for mutual growth, and always essential in an ever-changing world.” We believe that building and continuously strengthening our corporate governance system to support these aims is critical to ensuring the soundness, transparency and efficiency of our management.

We seek to enhance oversight of executive officers at every stage of business growth to achieve effective corporate governance for our shareholders and other stakeholders.

See our governance page for details.

QWhat is SATO’s main business?

AOur domain is in tagging, where we tag identifier and other information to things and people at the customer’s site of operations using auto-ID technologies such as barcode and RFID. We package the ideal combination of internally developed and/or externally sourced products, services, software and technologies into solutions that best suit our customers worldwide.

Through tagging, we digitize data on people and things in fields of operation so that core IT systems can process the data to allow customers to see which item is where in what condition within the supply chain and take appropriate action.

This is how we play our part in IoT, realizing a “connected” world by utilizing our expertise in tagging, i.e., “connecting.” Supply chain visibility and optimization help customers solve major shared challenges to make productivity improvements, enable stock loss control and provide greater peace of mind and security.

QWhat is SATO’s medium-term management plan?

AWe have a five-year business plan that sets FY 2024 as its first year.

QWhat is SATO’s shareholder return policy?

AWe see our business as an integral part of society and environment, in which we create value and share profits from the business equitably with shareholders, employees, society and the company (return to four stakeholders). Based on this policy, we aim to improve corporate value by enhancing our relationship with all stakeholders.

We abolished the shareholder rewards plan as of September 30, 2012, to ensure fairness among shareholders. We always strive to increase market value per share and continue delivering stable, incremental dividends.

See our shareholder returns (dividends) page for our dividend payout history.

QIn which countries other than Japan does SATO operate?

ASee our global network page.

Financial data

QWhen is the next financial closing date?

ASee our events schedule.

QWhen does SATO’s accounting term end?

AMarch 31 of every year, with financial results released quarterly.

QWhere can SATO’s financial results be found?

ASee our financial reports which includes our annual and quarterly financial reports and our integrated reports.

QWhere can past financial data be found?

ASee our financial information page for details of our financials over the last five years.

QWhat kind of past reports are available?

ASee our financial reports which includes our annual and quarterly financial reports and our integrated reports.

Corporate social responsibility

QHow is SATO fulfilling its social responsibility?

AOur mission is to “contribute towards a better and more sustainable world”, which is why taking actions for sustainability by engaging in our main business is of paramount importance to us. In line with
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and other global agendas of growing interest, we set forth our basic policy for sustainability in 2018 and identified materiality issues that could affect our stakeholders and the SATO Group in 2019.

See our sustainability page for details.

Stock information

QWhich stock exchange is SATO listed on?

ASATO Holdings Corporation is listed on the prime market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

QWhen was SATO listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)?

ASATO was first listed in August 1994 on the second section of the TSE before changing to the first section in September 1997 and subsequently the prime market in April 2022.

QWhat is SATO's securities code?

A6287. See our stock price page for the latest quote and chart.

QWhat is the minimum number of stocks required per trade?

A100 shares.

QWhat is the number of issued shares?

ASee our stock information page.

QWhen is the annual shareholders meeting held?

AEvery June.

QWhere can the latest information on dividends be found?

ASee our shareholder returns (dividends) page.


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